How to Sign Up for Writing for the Public

To register, participants should email and note any dietary restrictions. Refreshments will be served, and a reception will follow.

What to Bring

Depending on their experience level, participants are invited to bring a beginning curiosity to learn more about writing for the public, an idea for a piece, a rough draft, or anything else along this spectrum. Participants will have opportunities to workshop their ideas/drafts with both workshop speakers and fellow participants; and the session will likely provide actionable advice that will enable participants to enhance their concepts and bring them closer to publication – even in the course of the workshop itself.

In order to facilitate both easy revisions and social media engagement, participants are strongly advised to bring a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

How to Find Fine Arts C 201

Fine Arts C is located south of Tigert and Little Halls on 13th St. SW. You can find more information regarding its location on the map below.